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Unprecedented 5-way race for Honi, head-to-head battle for SRC Presidency

Nominations for the 2021 SRC elections are in.

The SRC elections this year will see a two-way Presidential contest and an unprecedented five-way race for the Honi Soit editorship, after nominations for the 2021 Annual Elections of the University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council closed today at 5pm. 

Matthew Carter (Student Unity) and Lauren Lancaster (Grassroots) will go head-to-head in a two-way battle for President. 29 other presidential hopefuls did not provide the minimum 10 supporting nominators to successfully register for the election.

Honi Soit will see a five-way race between three tickets: DRIP for Honi, CAKE for Honi, Legacy for Honi, and two lone candidates. This is the most candidates in an Honi election in at least the last decade, surpassing 2014’s four-cornered contest.

375 candidates have registered for Council, with just 39 seats up for grabs — four more than last year. 61 candidates across nine tickets will run for the National Union of Students (NUS). 

The nominations suggest a return to form for student elections, with both President and Honi candidates being elected unopposed last year, though as nominations remain provisional, the field may change before the election on 21-23 September.

More to come.

Disclaimer: Editor Vivienne Guo is not involved in any of the 2021 coverage of Honi Soit, NUS, and SRC elections.

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