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Phoenix faction backed Ace Attorney makes tilt at SULS presidency

Phoenix Wright is on the case!

The USyd law community was rocked by a bombshell announcement earlier today as Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright (JD II) announced his intentions to contest the SULS presidential election.

An international student from Ivy University, Wright is one of two international students vying for the presidency this year, with Thrishank Chintamaneni (JD II) running, as well as Ben Hines (LLB IV).

Having served on the SULS Queer Committee this year with his boyfriend/EO Miles Edgeworth and the Careers Committee the year prior, Wright has had substantial experience with the inner workings of the society.

While his ticket’s branding, “OBJECTION! for SULS”, mirrors his personal and professional catchphrase, Wright stressed that this isn’t all about him.

“I may be the Ace Attorney, but my vision for SULS is one where everyone can become an ace attorney of their own.”

Expanding on his vision for the society, Wright suggested that students should have more hands-on experience with criminal investigations. Through a series of panels and workshops, students will learn to examine bodies, casually ask witnesses about what they’ve seen, and break into private residences.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though. Following accusations that Wright was associated with the Phoenix faction’s wright bloc, the veteran criminal lawyer stopped us mid-sentence and began to pull out random pieces of unrelated evidence from his jacket pocket.

It appears that while all three candidates have similar experience and visions for the society, only one has had 6 main series games, 11 spin-offs, and a highly successful manga franchise.

Disclaimer: Honi editor Jeffrey Khoo is too busy playing Ace Attorney and was not involved in the writing of this article.