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Library lockout stresses students

Entry requirements remain at the same level as the height of the recent lockdown.

Students have expressed outrage regarding the present conditions of accessible study spaces on campus. Fisher Library is the only library that is currently open, and its hours are limited to 12pm-8pm daily. 

“I think the university is using the pandemic as an excuse to lower costs and skimp on the quality of education,” said one disgruntled student outside Fisher library. “My degree progression is at stake.”

A University spokesperson told Honi that they were “assessing possibilities for safely extending Library hours during the revision and exams period, and expect to be able to update our community shortly.”

They also relayed that swipe access to buildings was available to anyone with a current student or staff card. However, general student access to buildings appears to still be restricted, with access denied to this correspondent when attempting to enter various campus buildings. 

When asked about the summer break, the University claimed that they couldn’t be certain of the situation over the summer, but they “currently anticipate swipe access to our buildings to remain along with the continued access to our library and some of our learning hubs, consistent with the easing of Government restrictions and increased vaccination rates in the community.”

“It is difficult to study,” said another student in a statement to Honi. “Why can I go to the pub, but not the library?”

SRC President Swapnik Sanagavarapu said: “Students rely very heavily on use of library services, particularly during their exams. We look forward to seeing the library’s opening hours extend during stuvac so that students can make best use of these services.”

The strict entry requirements remain at the same level as the height of the recent lockdown, despite restrictions having been significantly eased.

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