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Sex & City Rd: Week 1, Semester 1

Welcome back for another week of steaming hot goss, filled with the very worst of bootlicking-yuckiness.

First up, SRC Sexual Harassment Officer and President of the Women in Science Society (WISSOC) Jayfel Tulabing, and President of Sydney University Queer STEM (QUEST) Livy Smith were spotted in a foul TikTok on USyd’s account, feigning (at least, I hope it’s feigning) familiarity with cringeworthy new VC Mark Scott. Apart from providing progressive cover for a truly revolting man, the acting in this vile video was questionable at best. I’m ranking it 0/10 on politics AND 0/10 on aesthetics… I can only hope the University’s boots tasted good.

Also, questionable and discomforting was the theme of Sydney University Business Society’s (SUBS) sickening first year camp, ‘Prison Break 2022’ (sponsored by Little Fat Lamb). You know you’re the richest, whitest club on campus when you’re asking your new recruits if “living out all your Orange is the New Black adventures” sounds like a fun time and “inmate or guard?” reads like a funny question. All the same, paying $245 to be stuck around a bunch of drunk commerce students in orange jumpsuits does sound like a prison of your own making.

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