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Pulp Magazine editorial team revealed following months-long process

Ariana Haghighi, Bonnie Huang, Harry Gay, Nandini Dhir, Patrick Mckenzie and Rhea Thomas have been chosen to lead Pulp Magazine alongside Senior Editor Marlow Hurst.

Honi Soit can reveal that Ariana Haghighi, Bonnie Huang, Harry Gay, Nandini Dhir, Patrick McKenzie and Rhea Thomas will complete the editorial team of Pulp Magazine following a months-long competitive selection process. 

Consisting exclusively of DRIP for Honi alumni, the six will join Senior Editor Marlow Hurst in producing the University of Sydney Union’s (USU) revamped Pulp Magazine. It is expected that Pulp will concentrate on popular culture, in-depth cultural content and the miscellaneous – if Hurst’s letter to Honi Soit decrying the death of Honi‘s miscellaneous category is any measure to go by.  

The incoming Pulp editorial team boasts substantial writing and artistic experience in Honi Soit, with Bonnie Huang and Ariana Haghighi having edited ACAR, Queer and Women’s Honi between them. All bar Haghighi contributed to Pulp prior to the Board’s reforms. The incoming editors also bring on board editorial experience outside of campus such as Thomas’ work as Non-Fiction Editor at Voiceworks Magazine.

Media and Communications (MECO) is disproportionately represented by the incoming editorial team as, with the exception of Haghighi (Arts/Law II) and Gay, the rest of the editorial team are MECO students. 

In 2021, the USU Board reformed Pulp into a semi-quarterly glossy magazine in response to its online-only predecessor’s dwindling readership in the face of a news-intensive Honi, with Immediate Past USU President Prudence Wilkins-Wheat comparing the magazine to The New Yorker. Given that Senior Editor Marlow Hurst and Haghighi are co-Presidents of the Cartoon Caption Contest Club, the current editorial team may be well-placed to realise Wilkins-Wheat’s analogy. 

According to the USU Board, the first edition of Pulp Magazine will be published at the beginning of Semester Two, 2022.