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Cole Scott-Curwood becomes USU President as new Executive is elected

The Executive will enjoy a year-long term in their respective roles.

The next Executive of the USU has been elected at a meeting of the Board tonight, consisting of Cole Scott-Curwood (Engineers) as President, Telita Goile (Switch) as Vice President, David Zhu (Liberal) as Honorary Treasurer, and Isla Mowbray (Switch) as Honorary Secretary. 

The result represents new heights for the Engineers faction, who have held Executive positions on the SRC but never headed a student union. It also sees Switch expand its power over the USU, with two members receiving Executive spots. This follows a year of Switch Presidency with Prudence Wilkins-Wheat at the helm and the election of two Switch candidates again this year, Madhullikaa Singh and Onor Nottle. 

The USU President will receive a more generous salary of $30,564 whilst other members of the Executive will receive $15,282, reflecting their more intense contribution and public visibility than other board members. The remainder of the board will receive a stipend of $5,094.

USU Committee positions 

Nicholas Dower has been elected to the Finance and Electoral Committees.

Madhullikaa Singh has been elected to the People & Culture Committee.

Alexander Poirier has been elected to the Awards Committee. 

Naz Sharifi has been elected to the Governance Committee. 

Nick Comino has been elected to the Debates Committee.  

Portfolio positions 

Naz Sharifi has been elected to the W*men’s and Ethnocultural Portfolio.

Alexander Poirier has been elected to the Queer and Disabilities Portfolio. 

Madhullikaa Singh has been elected to the International Students and Environment Portfolio. 


Honi was not invited to the USU Board Executive election, instead relying on SRC President Lauren Lancaster for updates (along with the odd Tweet from a Board Director).