Sex & the City Rd: Week 13, Semester 2

Rude Girl logs off.

Reaching the end of the year, Rude Girl is ready to hang up her Manolo Blahniks and Log Off. Reflecting on the year that was, it appears that Rude Girl just couldn’t win. When reporting on things that really did happen, she was too mean. When she took a week off due to lack of gossip or reliable sources, she was admonished. It seems that as the year progressed, students were more ready to air their grievances anonymously online.

It is worth questioning what everyone considers the role of this gossip column to be. When you turn straight to this page to read it, are you checking to see if anyone you know is up to lighthearted campus antics? Or are you a seasoned hack, keeping up to date with the latest stupol machinations? Are you hoping to have personal scores settled, your enemies taken down? If you were writing gossip on your fellow students, what would you have to say? Would you lift people up, or tear them down?

With those thoughts, here’s some final gossip. Next year’s SRC will have their work cut out for them, given how many councillors are more keen on hearing the sounds of their own voices rather than providing for students. Councillors should still be more mentally present than this year’s, given that mould remediation in the SRC offices has begun.

The latest SASS AGM was covered earlier this week, and is a welcome change from years of Liberal stacking. To the new President, some advice: SASS Camp is a time-honoured recruitment ground for USU campaigners, be discerning about who the camp leaders are.

Rude Girl wishes next year’s editorial team the best of luck. To Rude Girl’s readers, critics, and friends, she hopes you enjoy some summer reads that are not University gossip.

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