Unglazed Ceramics

Poetry for Queer Honi.

Art by Bipasha Chakraborty.

a large scar furls around my shoulder blade 

and she didn’t ask, just drew my shirt up to cover it. 

i kissed her so much, not because she was beautiful but because she was mine 

but again my hands were too heavy, 

my gaze too desperate, 

and i leaned too hard and she fell and cracked like porcelain.

they were the roaring bonfire, and i the wet leaf in the pit. 

i knew a mirror like that, once — 

its edges were soft and white; adorned, it hid 

but saw everything from between the hinges 

and one day i found it echoed in the quiet space between my imagination and the bedroom 

and with vanity i sealed my curse 

with unbridled arrogance and vanity, i sealed it like a tomb. 

a thousand silver pieces, 

a million microbes, 

and one wretched, scabbed child, 

whose eyes won’t leave the fragments.

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