Manning Bar cancels bands with fascist ties following criticism

The event was cancelled after criticism from students and University staff.

Manning Bar booked bands Taake and Ahklys to play on 3 February 2023 despite their extensive fascist ties. Manning, owned and operated by the University of Sydney Union (USU), has since cancelled the event after dissent from student activists and University staff. 

Honi has seen extensive information about the use of fascist slogans and symbols, anti-semitic language and Islamaphobia by the bands and their members. Honi will not reproduce that information to not platform these ideologies.  

USU President Scott-Curwood told Honi, “the USU was informed of the context surrounding bands Taake and Aklhys who were booked to play at Manning Bar on February 3rd. The USU informed our booking partner that neither Taake nor Aklhys would be playing at Manning Bar. The USU’s booking partner is now working to realise our decision. 

“For clarity, I was informed at 4pm November 24 of this situation and the decision that neither band would be playing at Manning Bar was made by 9am November 25. 

“While the USU did not make this booking, the accountability for it is ours. A strategic programming meeting with the USU’s booking partner has been set up and we’ll be improving the vetting of acts playing at USU venues.”

Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President Lia Perkins said “there is no place for bands such as Taake and Aklhys to play on campus. These bands promote hateful, racist political views. Taake, specifically, have an alarming abusive history. I am pleased that the USU immediately responded to our concern, and that these events have been cancelled.

“I suggest that the USU and Manning Bar review their bookings policy to ensure student safety.”

Taake is still scheduled to play shows in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne. 

Neo-nazi activities have previously surfaced on campus. A 2018 Honi investigation revealed the existence of online neo-nazi networks connected with USyd campus. White supremacist propaganda again appeared on campus earlier this year.

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