St Andrew’s College students accused of “acts of intimidation, misogyny and homophobia” towards all-female college residents

The accusations arose from St Andrew’s students' alleged behaviour at two separate Welcome Week events.

St Andrews’ College students have been disinvited from inter-college Welcome Week events after Andrew’s students were allegedly involved in sexist, homophobic and intimidatory behaviour earlier in the week. 

The accusations arose following St Andrew’s students’ alleged behaviour at two separate Welcome Week events at The Alfred Hotel and St Andrew’s College. 

Sancta Sophia Principal Fiona Hastings told Sancta students in an email, since seen by Honi, that “some of our students were exposed to deeply offensive name calling, gestures and acts of intimidation, misogyny and homophobia.”

Sancta Sophia subsequently rescinded St Andrew’s’ invitation to their annual ‘Intercol’ dinner as well as rescinding formal support for Sancta Sophia College students attending St Andrew’s’ own Intercol dinner. 

After Sancta Sophia’s decision to do so, all other colleges (St Paul’s, Women’s, Wesley and St John’s) also chose to rescind St Andrew’s’ invite to their Intercol dinners. 

A number of college students, including those from St Paul’s and St Andrew’s, expressed their unwillingness to comment on the allegations to Honi, despite many expressing familiarity with the situation. 

Sancta Sophia College co-operated with Honi’s formal inquiries.

St Andrew’s College was approached for comment.

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