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BREAKING: Train chaos leaves commuters stranded

A critical failure of a train radio system halted the entire Sydney train network on Wednesday afternoon.

Sydney Trains completely stopped running today after a communication issue affected the entire train network. 

At 2:45 pm, there was “a failure of [a] critical train radio system across the Sydney rail network,” according to the Chief Executive of Sydney Trains Matthew Longland. Longland said that trains had to be brought back to platforms for safety reasons. 

Longland said that trains “progressively” restarted operations from around 4:00pm.

“Whilst trains are running again, we will see significant delays for the remainder of the peak period,” said Longland.

Commuters have been advised to delay travel until trains are brought fully back into service.

Longland said, “Engineers have tried to reset the system. Unfortunately they weren’t able to reset the train radio system. As a result we cut the system across to our back-up site.

“That switching took place around [3:45 p.m]. And about 15 minutes ago at around 4:00pm this afternoon, trains have progressively recommenced operations across the Sydney Trains Network.”

Students told Honi the effect of the train outages, with many late or unable to attend class and work, or return home, as a result of the outage.

Anna, a Masters student, said “I missed the only train back to Wollongong after class and am now stranded seemingly indefinitely in Sydney.

“It’s fucking pathetic that the only non-car link to Wollongong is so fragile it gets majorly messed up in incidents like this. I would really like to be able to get home but these kinds of disruptions have happened a million times over the last year. I wish there was at least a bus plan in place for when this shit happens.”

The University of Sydney said, “there will be no penalties for those who were unable to attend in-person class due to yesterday’s train delays.”