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Euterpe: The Greek Muse of Alt-Rock

Along with their roaring stage presence, Euterpe understands the art of performance.

Born in Sydney’s inner-west, Euterpe is conquering the Australian alt-rock music scene with their electric and wild energy.

On Friday night the band officially launched their new EP ‘- and His Echo’ at the Factory Theatre, proving to be a night to remember. Euterpe shook the entire Factory floor with their captivating vocals and powerful blend of the rhythmic bass and drums. The band has a unique sound, taking the audience on a journey with their shifting levels of volumes and intensity.

Before the main act, two supporting bands, Bridge Dog and Memory Motel, opened the gig. Bridge Dog was the perfect start to the night, creating a vivacious atmosphere that let you loosen up and ride their indie rock rhythm. They were followed by the loud and fearless Memory Motel, transporting the crowd to a whole different realm with their psychedelic rock tune. Memory Motel’s fuzz aesthetic and heavy synth riffs put the audience in a dreamlike trance, perfectly setting the scene for the main act.

Euterpe kicked off the show with instant charm, adrenaline and exhilaration that creates a sense of  anxious eagerness. The band knows exactly how to rile the audience up, going straight into their new EP with the opening song, ‘- and His Echo’. The beat immediately catches your attention, and before you know it you’re bopping your head up and down. The lead singer, Bianca, has dreamy, yet strong vocals reminiscent of PJ Harvey, complementing the drums and guitar that play in harmony to create an almost haunting tone.

What stood out the most was Euterpe’s captivating stage presence — each member of the band enchanted the audience in their own way, oozing with charisma that would immediately win over any new fans. Bianca’s wit and soul-moving voice, Mim’s cool-girl style as she rides the rhythm with her bass, Oscar’s enthusiastic head bangs and Conrad’s focused and chill demeanour on the drums infatuated myself and the rest of the crowd for the entire night.   

Along with their roaring stage presence, Euterpe understands the art of performance. In the middle of ‘Dowry’, Bianca covered herself in ‘blood’, fully embodying the melancholia and mood of the song being performed. There’s nothing more punk than having a little shock value in a performance, and the audience loved it. Immediately after the song, Bianca maintained the crowd’s energy with her wittiness and humour, saying she “just got her period on stage.”

The gig ended with an encore of the band playing their first single, ‘Tulips’, an obvious fan favourite. Bianca’s melodic vocals start off the song, followed by the rest of the band as the song turns into a high-powered and dynamic tune. Everyone in the audience sang along to the lines, “Those Tulips in the garden, They’re growing out your eyes”, head-banging along and letting their bodies go feral for the last song of the night.

The entire gig turned out to be a memorable night of music madness. Filled with multiple talented bands and an eager crowd ready to get their rock on. Experiencing the concert at the Factory Theatre served as a reminder that live music is important, and brings us all closer to each other. Support your local artists, and check out Euterpe’s new EP ‘& His Echo’ for a visceral listening experience.