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Redfern regular “Whiskey” announces USU Board campaign: #Whiskey4Wildlife

Whiskey's campaign is supported by the Tiny Laundromat Dog and the ghost of Tiger the Redfern Cat.

Controversial and embattled Redfern local Whiskey the cat defies haters by announcing their candidacy for USU board.

Running on the platform, “#Whiskey4Wildlife,” USyd’s cattiest new BNOC pledges to destigmatise being chonky, and provide pats for all.

In an interview with Honi, Whiskey denied allegations of aggravated assault, pleading self defence.

In line with recent discussions with current board directors, we asked Whiskey their thoughts on the USU’s divestment portfolio.
Said Whiskey, “meow meow, meow! Méow memeow meow.”

Whiskey is cautiously optimistic about their chances against such staunch opponents as Catvik R. Sharma and Bryson Meowstable but worries for the fate of their campaign with manager Nadi, the laundromat dog.