USU Board Candidate Profile 2023: Ben Moore

Honi’s profile and interview with 2023 USU Board candidate Ben Moore.

Slogan: Couldn’t Care Less? Vote Moore!

Colour: Lime Green

Quiz Score: 0%

Faction: Commerce/Liberal adjacent.

Favourite USU Outlet: None.

Upon invitation to the Honi office for his interview, Ben Moore set up shop in front of F23 with a folding table, two miniature chairs, and a glass of neon green coolant. Complying with our request to enter so as not to damage our cameras, he arranged his inflatable morph suit between his two bodyguards, one of whom was his campaign manager. 

The quiz went as well as one would expect, with Moore naming Elon Musk as the CEO of the USU and Jeff Bezos as the Finance Director of the USU. Moore also explained that an EFR is “Emergency Factional Resuscitation” — factions that become obsolete due to “campaigns like mine.” With his two guards — both named Charles — by his side, we had to warn him multiple times that questions would be void due to their interjections.

Moore’s policy document includes little substance, but he claims multiple times that the USU is useless and he’d like to make it harder for people to run for USU. When asked why he ran for USU, he claims “I saw that there was an application form that was there that I could fill out… it didn’t cost anything, it was free.”

“I intend to spend the money that was given to me for some reason by the USU. I really don’t know why they did that… It should be much, much harder to become a candidate for the USU Board elections. I mean, frankly, year after year all we see are these silly joke candidates coming in, and, you know, these ridiculous policies, which, you know, to be fair are quite funny.

“I’m not interested, and I’m just a big green guy who wants your vote.”

When asked about the benefits of the USU for students, Moore said “I wasn’t aware that it brought any benefits to students. I’ve personally not been on the receiving end of any benefit.”
At the end of his interview, Moore purposely disrupted another candidate’s interview. Throughout the organisational process, Moore repeatedly attempted to make friends with other candidates, to little avail. Honi supposes he needs someone to like him.

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