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With their kooky call-response single ‘Awkward’ hitting number seven in Triple J’s Hottest 100 last year, Fremantle based four-piece, San Cisco are rapidly climbing the indie-pop ranks with their catchy hooks and carefree lyrics. Paul Ellis caught up with vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player Jordi Davieson.

HS: So, for no particular reason, have you met any cool people?

JD: Yeah we’ve met heaps of cool people. Josh and I went to this songwriting camp in Sydney, we didn’t even know what to expect. We met lots of cool producers from LA and London. You meet amazing people every trip.

HS: Have you had the chance to meet any of your own music idols?

JD: Yeah I met Tyler, the Creator at Big Day Out and Washington the other day. People you’d never see in real life

HS: What’s next for San Cisco?

JD: We’re going into the studio in July and we’re not quite sure what we’re going to do. We’ve got four tracks. We’re thinking we might either record a couple more for an EP or go all the way and make an album.

HS: What were you doing before the band formed?

JD: Before the band started I was just doing the solo thing, playing around Freemantle, our home town, then I got Josh to play with me. Around the same time, I was jamming with Scarlett and I won some recording time. I figured we’d record a song properly with a band, and so we got King George together (what San Cisco used to be called) and we recorded ‘Rocketship’, our first song.  A few months later we played our first gig, way down in Denmark, south of Perth. We had a name change and it all sort of went from there.

San Cisco onset for the filming of ‘Awkward’ music video

HS: When was the moment when you guys thought you might be onto something big? 

JD: I don’t think we ever knew we were onto something big actually. The first time I think I ever thought “wow, we’re actually getting somewhere” is when we made the Triple J Hottest 100. Before that it was all just for fun.

HS: So tell me about that day. Did you expect ‘Awkward’ to do so well in the Hotest 100?

JD: I wasn’t expecting it. I was putting my money on number 41. I thought that wouldn’t even happen.

HS: Has that success been hard to follow?

JD: No, because ‘Awkward’ is a simple song. We’ve written songs that, personally, I think are a thousand times better – ones we’ve spent so much time on. I just don’t know how people are going to receive them because they might want more simple, poppy songs. I don’t think you can really look at ‘how can we follow that up’ because otherwise you just freak yourself out.

HS:  Who are your main influences?

JD: We all listen to very different music. Nick and I listen to a little bit of hip-hop and Scarlett listens to quite a bit of rock. Josh likes really new sorts of music, like Neon Indian and things like that. I think that’s why when it comes together, that what makes it all work because we’ve got very different musical interests.

HS: So you’re doing Groove in the Moo? Where else can we expect to see you?

JD: Yeah, we’re doing a couple of side shows. I think we should do some under age shows because there seems to be no underage shows coming up. But I think that’s what the kids want. We did an underage one in Perth and it was one of our best shows because everyone was so excited.

HS: What did you listen to growing up? 

JD: Both of my parents are jazz musicians so I grew up listening to the likes of Frank Sinatra and Herbie Hancock. Davide Bowie and Lou Reed where also always on CD player. I think the influences of our music just depends on what we are listening to at the time. In the beginning it was the Beatles and Bob Dylan. These days it’s The Strokes, The Drums, Gorillaz and Smith Westerns.

HS: Which bands do you admire?

JD: Tame Impala. The way they have had a steady climb to the top is something we have always tried to follow.

HS: What are some new Aussie bands our readers should keep an eye on?

JD: The Preeches, The Jungle Giants, Tin Pan Orange and of course Snakadaktal!

San Cisco

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