Night-time economy must deliver the goods

In recent months there has been a focus on Sydney at night. The City of Sydney released its blueprint for improving our ‘night-time economy’, the NSW Government is slowly recognising the essential role of late-night retail and entertainment in our local economy, and politicians embarked on making Sydney safer at night after the tragic death of Thomas Kelly in Kings Cross.

What ‘big media’ is not reporting, and what many politicians don’t realise, is that Sydney’s nightlife is going through a renaissance. Ask your parents where they went out in Sydney when they were students and inevitably the answer will be local pubs, going to see a local live band, and maybe even Kings Cross, although back then it was truly ‘red-light’.

Fast forward to today and what are the options? Small bars seem to be popping up every day, the multitude of fantastic (and not so fantastic) nightclubs around Kings Cross, Oxford St, and Darling Harbour, live gigs, festivals, and warehouse parties are now all part of the normal night time landscape. Sydney has become a major centre of nightlife activity that sits well among the other global cities but has only recently started to find its true identity.

Unfortunately this means that many of our policy makers and venue owners are now out of touch with the needs of modern Sydney. This is reflected in lack of night time transport, our ridiculous drinking laws, and city noise restrictions that only stifle this ‘nightlife renaissance’.

This week Honi Soit dives into some of the parties and artists that are changing our nightlife landscape for the better. Many of you probably haven’t heard of but may well want to check out next time you’re thinking of going out in the emerald city.

Sydney’s local musicians are extremely talented, our venues are more varied, and the expectations of young Sydneysiders higher than ever before. Young Sydneysiders want good music and great times when we go out – give that to us or we will make it happen ourselves.

James Alexander is an Editor of Honi Soit with a focus on Technology and Online. Currently completing his Honours in Computer Science, James is heavily involved on-campus with events and music.