Pro-choice society remains in utero

It will be left up to the next IGM to see whether the Pro-Choice gets enough support.

A new “pro-choice” society has failed to meet USU requirements for funding after only four people attended its Inaugural General Meeting on Monday August 13. The proposed club had been motivated by last semester’s backlash against controversial “pro-life” society LifeChoice.

The Pro-Choice Society’s IGM failed to meet the twenty member minimum required by the USU for endorsement, despite being heavily publicised.

The group’s founder, first-year student Georgia Judd, blamed the winter break, which has done much to slow the momentum of the pro-choice and STOP LifeChoice campaigns.

The Pro-Choice Society has received support from clubs across the bioethics divide, with both LifeChoice and the Women’s Collective expressing their support for the group’s establishment.

Ms Judd remains hopeful that her pro-choice society will be approved and plans to organise another IGM in coming weeks. “I am personally very passionate about these bioethical issues and I would really love to see their discussion and dissection rise in prominence in the university’s community,” she said.

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