News in Revue – Week 12

No feathers were too russelled this week

Elections at uni went well, so to speak. In national news:

Wyatt Roy joined the growing list of progressive MPs

So rally on forth for gay matrimony


It’s back to court for Craig Thompson again

Nineteen new charges= one hundred and seventy three total. I don’t even think there’s a rhyme that does this man justice.


Rallying support for your board candidate on your blog WOO! But…

Everyone’s still reeling from tumblr’s 1.1b sell to Yahoo

Venting about cars in pubs is a form of assault, yet 2016 Fords are screeching to a halt?

Ugh! Even though this all might make you want to get drunk and swoon

Everyone knows we can live in peace knowing Arrested Development is back on soon


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