Vivid LIVE: Terminal Projekt with dOP, Jimmy Edgar and Sepalcure


Photo: Stella Ktenas

I’m not sure how many of you have seen that (sadly cancelled) show How To Make It In America. Coming straight out of urban New York, it chronicles the life and times of a unique group of people: a group who have sky high ambition that drives them through day to day chaos.
It is, in many ways, one of those shows which is slightly surreal in tone.


When I walked into Vivid Sydney’s Projeckt Terminal, the exact same sense of déjà vu hit me. Hosted at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, with a multitude of sponsors and organised by that definition of American urban culture, Vice Media, Projeckt Terminal was quite a spectacle.

Bright, detailed light arrays, progressive house style music and expensive drinks promised an interesting, if slightly confronting night. The layout was awesome – you had a venue expertly positioned to give as much space as possible (though the lack of seating was really, really noticeable).
The crowd was fun, if very cliquey, and generally tipsy but not intoxicated. It had all the trappings of an upmarket venue without really making it there.

v2Photo: Stella Ktenas

All in all – Terminal Projekt was a decent, if not spectacular, party. There were loads of people, semi-decent music, and a good venue. It was just a shame that it wasn’t really a student party, and the drinks were astronomically over-priced.

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