Down-to-earth tutor just wants to get to know you guys

Relaxed economics tutor Danny Palmer informed students yesterday that his first lesson would be exclusively dedicated to really getting a feel for one another. The 27-year-old leant casually on his desk as he explained his extremely informal approach to education. “This is no ordinary class,” Palmer insisted, “I’d like to go around the room and hear from all of you, tell us why you’re here and what you’re about. Really dig deep.”

Palmer made a point to ignore information about deadlines and plagiarism usually flagged in the first week of term. “I have too much god damn respect for you guys to harp on about boring procedural stuff”, he explained, “you’re all adults here, and I’m going to treat you accordingly.”

At press time, Palmer was seen writing his home phone number on the white board, eagerly encouraging students to contact him with absolutely any queries they might have.

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