News in Revue: Zoe’s law, Palmer’s victory, Albo v Shorten, tragedy in Syria and Nairobi

Xiaoran Shi transcribed this week’s news

twenty weeks is all it takes from

fertilisation to



one child stillborn cries out

for a radical amendment

capitalising on grief


to legislate a woman’s body out of her hands

after all, women belong in binders,

in chains, but not in cabinet


nay, that is the bloodground of men:

two greying crones bicker over who

will play devil’s advocate for another day


in international newspaper editorials

the cold war resurfaces in another decade

as two greying crones bicker once more


double, double toil and trouble

the wicked witch of indi is dead

and the death toll climbs to 36 in fairfax


meanwhile in a nairobi mall

pools of blood darken the floor of a

children’s shoe shop

Xiaoran Shi

Xiaoran Shi

Xiaoran Shi is an editor of Honi Soit and currently in the fourth year throes of an Arts/Law degree. She once set her sights on writing the Next Great American Novel, but is now clinically half-blind.