Science Revue: How We Built a Time Machine and Ruined Everything (Nina Hallas)


A medley of misattributed poets and philosophers once told me, “Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time at all”. In its many folds and dimensions, such was my overall experience at this year’s Science Revue, How We Built A Time Machine And Ruined Everything.  

The skits were sometimes overcooked, and tenuously connected to the overarching plot, but their nostalgic charm, quite craftily evoked despite its 20-something-year-old-cast and 20-something-year-old audience, carried the show a long way to endearing. The revue, which regularly broke the fourth wall, was splendidly warm, and went the extra length to engage with its audience – sometimes a little too well, given the tenacity of one particularly merry heckler. While rarely split-your-guts funny, an easy chuckle always bubbled at the ready, and I left in much better spirits than the ones I sat down with. Quite a feat, considering I went in buzzing with synthetic spirits of a different kind.

The heart and soul of the performance, however, was the plethora of musical talent that hit the mark, then exceeded it, number after number. Be it a piece on Uni work or public transport, hands were increasingly red and raw at their conclusions.

All in all, it was a meticulously tight show that left high expectations for next year’s revue. Should a future cast make the all-too-common blunder of forgetting to organise anything and only realising as much during the performance, I heartily recommend they travel back to Science Revue 2013 to pick up a thing or two. Including the jacket I left behind ­– anyone seen it?

Honi Soit
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