UniGate Week 9 – Silence about SUPRA Pres, SRC sucks, Cumbo to relocate, SULS tickets

SUPRA no longer so super

No explanation has been given as to why Angelus Morningstar stepped down as SUPRA President several months on. Given that SUPRA is funded by SSAF money, a level of transparency is to be expected from the organisation.

The meeting where Morningstar’s resignation was discussed was held in camera, meaning that none of the councillors present can discuss the matter. Current President, Joanne Gad, was uncontactable for comment. In April, Morningstar told the Gate that his resignation was prompted by his breach of financial regulations, but did not provide specific details. When contacted last week, Morningstar declined to comment on the matter.


Hell Yeah, Alistair!

The USU has appointed Alistair Stephenson and John Fennel as next year’s O-Week Directors. Stephenson’s last major role with the USU was as its Vice-President in 2011 when he was graciously booted off for obliterating the spending cap during the 2010 elections. In 2010, Honi reported that Stephenson more than tripled the $700 limit.

The Gate is confident there won’t be forged receipts in the lead-up to O-Week though. John Fennel was SHADES’ resident money man in 2011-12, and kept the books well-balanced during his term (although the Gate will note that his successor was Ben Tang, fellow 2010 spending cap breacher, so perhaps SHADES’ standards aren’t all that high). The Gate also sincerely doubts that O-Week directors are allowed near the money anyway. Following a successful festival where all KPIs are met, festival directors are awarded a $5000 stipend – more money than non-Executive Board Directors.


SRC sucks, as always

The September SRC Council meeting was due to take place in the first week of campaigning, on September 11. However, the Gate can exclusively reveal that Council is typically made up of self-interested hacks, quorum was not met for this meeting, presumably because many councillors were too tired from campaigning to engage in debate about the issues of the day.


Live and let die

Ignoring the University’s Cumberland campus and its 4000-strong student body has always been easy, but it’s about to get a whole lot easier. The Gate can confirm that the University is planning to scrap the campus (with 2018 rumoured to be a likely date), though it is keeping tight-lipped about the process and what will happen to the Health Sciences students it currently hides there.

Multiple sources confirmed that the Vice-Chancellor had privately discussed the move for some time and suggested the Faculty be relocated to the Camperdown campus. Some students are convinced the grounds will be sold to the University of Western Sydney. One source within Campus Infrastructure and Services, responsible for University’s “built environment”, said its Director Greg Robinson had indicated that the campus would not be slowly run down but closed overnight, and that until then it would keep operating as normal.

The Gate suggests that Rookwood Cemetery, which lies adjacent to the neglected campus, look into purchasing the land, given the site already has an established history as the place student culture goes to die.


Heart and SULS

The yearly Sydney University Law Society elections are notorious for being the only society on campus to need campaigners, stalls, spending caps, and shirts. Unlike last year’s election, in which a single ticket ran uncontested, the Gate can confirm two tickets: one headed by third-year James Higgins, the other by second-year Matt Yeldham. Two SEX for Honi candidates are running on opposite sides for the position of Publications Officer. In Higgins’ corner, Justin Pen, and in Yeldham’s, Designer-in-Chief, Judy Zhu. Yeldham is also running with Sam Murray of Refresh for SRC, while Higgins has called dibs on newly hired O-Week Director John Fennel.

Due to the blanket ban on campaigning until October 1, neither ticket could comment specifically on their platforms. Higgins told the Gate that he wanted law students to engage with the faculty more, to explore a diverse range of careers, and to enjoy cheaper social events. Yeldham was fairly secretive, only admitting that he and his team had a “new vision” for the society.  Loose lips sink clerkships.The Gate wishes both teams the best of luck and perhaps even another notch for their LinkedIn profile.

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