Girl takes hours ordering coffee, everyone cool with it

The Soin has confirmed that Kaitlin Barr’s lengthy six hundred and forty minutes and twenty-seven seconds coffee order at Taste Baguette was met with patience and tranquility from the sixteen people in line behind her.

Barr ordered a “latte … umm … no, maybe a cappuccino … long black – what is that even? People keep asking for a long black but I just don’t know what it is … uhhhhhhhhhhh … hmmmmmmmmm … do you use single origin organic beans? … Maybe a double-shot latte, yes, a double shot latte!” with “soy milk … no, almond milk, no, skim milk! … Skim almond milk … with a sugar- no, two sugars … ummmmmmm … maybe no sugar, just a packet of Stevia.”

Barr then spent another fifty-three minutes attempting to order a baguette. The extensive choices of fillings – as well as the different types of bread and their respective nutritional, gustatory, and cultural features – presented Barr with a significant obstacle as she meditated on the options before her, weighing the positives and negatives of this severe decision.

“Life is just too short to spend worrying about little things like this,” said Harry Baker, a fourth year student who was five places behind Barr. “She’s clearly having trouble deciding and that’s understandable considering the plethora of choices we’re presented in everyday life and I think pushing her would just stress her out more, and no one wants that!”

At time of print, Barr was paying for her order with silver coins.

“We are more connected than ever, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining – isn’t life grand?” said Georgia Merkel, ten places behind Barr, smiling profusely, not worrying at all about the hours passing by.

Honi Soit
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