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Dear Honi,

As you can see from the page hits, last week I only read your articles on porn and naked people and drugs. Please stop publishing such smut.

Ashamed and aroused,

Tabitha Hollinghorn

Science II

Dear Honi,

I was disappointed by your biased coverage of the recent incident where police broke the leg of a protester. I’ve personally have only had positive interactions with police. How do we know that the young man in question didn’t request that his leg be broken? People have freedom to have their legs broken if they choose. How do we know his leg wasn’t broken before he was pinned down by the policeman? MAYBE HE BROKE HIS LEG HIMSELF AS PART OF HIS CRAZED PLOT AGAINST CAPITALISM.

Please restore the balance,

Oliver Pearce

Commerce / Law III

Dear Honi,

Your paper is the biggest piece of shit. It’s like diarrhoea on the page. I hope you die.

Froyolo is definitely not in the Top 5 King St froyo shops.


Jennifer Smith

Arts II

Dear Honi,

I’m just writing to say that I had a moderate response to last week’s edition. The articles were of the standard I expected and on somewhat interesting topics. Overall, a solid but not awe-inspiring edition. Keep up the quite good work.


No-one ever.

Architecture I

Dear Honi,

Over the last six months I have sent you no less than twelve articles on discrimination against gun owners, to no avail. Why wonít you publish them?

Watching. Waiting. Stalking.

Jack Patrickson.

Not a student, just passionate III.

Dear Honi,

This is the best paper ever!!!! Your article last week on the underground music scene of anarcho-communist communities in the Catalunyan foothills made me rethink my entire life. What a great contribution to journalism!


Honi Soit Eds.

Anyone with an opinion about anything can write a letter to Honi. In fact, often you can write something that is in no way relevant to an article in the paper, or even current events, and still get your letter published. You know what to do.

Honi Soit
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