Print Stand Locations

New editions of Honi Soit are available for free from our newspaper stands all around campus every Wednesday. In addition, Honi Soit is available at over 25 Faculty Desks and Department Reception areas throughout main campus.

If you would like Honi Soit in your building on campus or at an an off-campus location please tweet us (@honi_soit) or contact us.

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On Campus

  • Aquatic Centre: Entry foyer
  • P N Rusell Engineering (PNR): Gound Café, Level 1 Chemical, Level 1 Auditorium Walkway
  • School of IT Building: Undergraduate Labs Entrance
  • Coop Bookshop: Outside
  • Mint Café
  • Mereweather:
    • Level 1 Foyer area,
    • Level 2 Entry to Economics & Business Building
  • Wentworth:
    • Level 1 SRC reception,
    • Level 2 City Road entry,
    • Level 2 Wentworth Refectory,
    • Level 2 Back bridge entry,
    • Level 3 Entry to Jane Foss nr Newsagency,
    • Level 3 SRC Bookshop,
    • Level 3 Near Donut King/Health food store,
    • Level 4 Outside International Lounge
  • Jane Foss: Library, Café sitting area, Café (to north across paved area)
  • Carslaw: Near Coffee Carts, Bottom Floor
  • Eastern Avenue Auditorium: Entry foyer south, entry foyer north, outside Auditorium
  • Law: Law Foyer (near coffee cart), Law Café, Law Entry, Law Library, Law Lounge
  • Fisher Library: Library Foyer, Level 1 Entrance
  • Main Quadrangle
  • Chemistry Building: main entry, Level 1 Outside Lecture Auditorium
  • Madsen: Main entry foyer
  • Manning Building: Ground entry, Level 1 Union offices level, Level 2 Manning Bar level
  • Education: Entry foyer
  • Woolley: Entry foyer, Library
  • Sports Arena: Ralph’s Café
  • Wilkinson Building
  • Bosch: Entry area
  • Vet Science: Entry Area
  • St Johns College: Publications Area
  • Holme: Groundfloor Union publications point

Satellite Campuses

  • Sydney College Arts: Cafe
  • Cumberland Campus (available Thursdays)
  • Conservatorium of Music (available Thursdays)

Off Campus

  • The Wedge Expresso Cafe, Glebe Pt Road
  • We want more off-campus locations, please get in contact!