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Wow this is our live blog of another USU Board Meeting, today the thirty first of October, 2014. We’re sure it will be thrilling and fun and exciting whoa.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20143:25 pm

After a flurry of report-passing the meeting comes to a close. Thanks for tuning in, and see you next board meeting!!!!!!!!!!!

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20143:08 pm

The president-elect of BroSoc is to meet with the board to discuss what potential constitutional amendments could render the club legitimate under C&S regulations.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20143:06 pm

Eve Radunz gives he report as Honorary Secretary. Radunz speaks about a proposal from the Evangelical Union to have a sixth category of Club and Societies for religious groups specifically. Radunz says this might be problematic as it could be exclusionary.

Al Cowie says clubs that are about a particular religion are already somewhat exclusive anyway.

Radunz responds that she feels strongly that anyone who purchases an Access card should be able to attend the events of any society they desire.

Cowie says the EU’s proposal wouldn’t stop you from attending events if you didn’t adhere to the relevant religion.

Magyar says the proposal means people wondering about a particular religion would be excluded, and that while anyone can attend society events, members of a particular society can receive certain subsidies as a result.

D’Souza says that while the USU recognises autonomous organising, she believes it should only apply when the group is significantly marginalised.

Denton says the precedent that this proposal would set would be undesirable.

McMahon says the question shouldn’t be ‘why not’, but ‘why’. McMahon says he sees no pressing need to implement the proposal.

Cowie says he has been convinced.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20142:54 pm

Carrigan says we should commend Incubate to increasing female participation in the program.

D’Souza says Sex and Consent day is looking to be an entire week next year.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20142:51 pm

Robby Magyar mentions “significantly low turnout” at Revues. He specifically mentions Med, Science and Arts. Anthony says Revues will be consulted to see what can be done to increase those numbers.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20142:45 pm

The Board is currently discussing the upcoming December budget, as SSAF negotiations are still ongoing. As your correspondent does not have the numbers in front of them this discussion is quite hard to follow, but we gather the Union has had a not ideal month financially.

Head of Marketing Al Cowie says the USU has booked $1m in sponsorship over the next five years. Apparently the USU will save a comparatively considerable amount on tent hire over the next year.

Cowie says the number of Union Blue nominations are quite low.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20142:30 pm

Robby Magyar lauds Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence going to Courtyard instead of Taste as a “fantastic result”. According to Woodward, Spence “desperately” wanted vegemite toast for breakfast.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20142:19 pm

Liam Carrigan, Kate Bullen, Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Ed McMahon, Bebe D’Souza and Robby Magyar all speak to and commend the motion in rapid succession.

Wright’s USU Access number is noted and added so other members with the same name are not affected by the motion. If you’re curious, the number is 728288.

The motion passes unanimously. “See you later,” says Kade Denton.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20142:11 pm

The board is currently discussing a motion to expel Alexander Wright, who took an explicit photo of a USyd student without her consent or knowledge.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20142:09 pm

The board members return en masse ONE MINUTE LATE.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20142:05 pm

There is approximately 10000% more tension in the room after our return.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20142:02 pm

As we re-enter the room, Ed McMahon proposes a five-minute recess #real

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:55 pm

Still outside. Here’s a prize instie from the USU to entertain you in the interim.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:46 pm

Liv Ronan is allowed back in to the meeting, but your faithful correspondent is still twiddling his thumbs outside.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:42 pm

Liam Carrigan walks out of the meeting and heads in the direction of Manning Bar.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:35 pm

Liv Ronan exits the meeting because “my girlfriend is a subject of discussion now”.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:29 pm

The afternoon’s motion-passing frenzy is brought to a halt by Director of Student Programs Louise Anthony, who talks about a range of slated refurbishments for Verge Gallery. The proposal is accepted.

The meeting is now going in-camera, presumably to discuss who will be editing BULL next year.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:23 pm

Now on the staff travel policy. Tim Matthews clarifies that the tracked changes attached to the policy aren’t actually part of it. No questions are asked, no-one speaks to the motion, it passes.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:20 pm

USU CEO Andrew Woodward says a policy stipulating the release of board reports sets “a dangerous precedent”.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:17 pm

Tim Matthews says that he doubts the efficacy of an opt-out policy. Hannah Morris argues that considering some discussions quasi-confidential might set a worrying precedent.

The motion passes. The USU now has a formal policy allowing the live tweeting of meetings

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:14 pm

While discussing a motion on transparency, Kade Denton says board directors should have the option to opt-out of their names being tweeted on certain issues which are not considered sensitive enough to go in-camera.

Liam Carrigan says the reasoning for not including that privilege in the motion is that directors are elected by students and thus there needs to be accountability.

USU CEO Andrew Woodward concurs with Kade Denton.

Honi Soit Honi Soit October 31, 20141:00 pm

The vaguely awkward banter count between editors and directors regarding Honi’s somewhat defamatory final edition is currently at two.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    So USU has now “expelled” a certain student involved who was involved in misconduct recently. Is this a precedent that they will “expel” all students found guilty of misconduct by the university.

    • Madison M

      likely so, if they encroach on the safety and health of other student(s)