Disruption - 10th Annual Honi Soit Writing Competition
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Honi Soit saves pedestrian lives

A pedestrian buzzer at the City Road crossing has been repaired after angry lobbying from the Honi Soit editorial team. The buzzer, situated on the east side of City Road (outside Hermann’s) is thought to have been out of action for six months before its repair. Formally known as “Audio-Tactile Pedestrian Detectors”, pedestrian buzzers are…

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USU backtracks on threat to deregister EU

The Evangelical Union (EU) will not be deregistered, with the University of Sydney Union (USU) deciding at its April Board meeting to amend clubs and societies (C&S) regulations to allow faith-based declarations as a condition of membership. The decision was handed down at a Monday morning meeting attended by representatives from the USU, EU and other…

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The finer points of Powerpoint

As the sun retires on my university folly, I take time to quietly reflect on that facet of my being that simultaneously made me the darling of tutors and the bane of envious classmates. The same foghorn heralded my postgraduate suitability. On multiple occasions. Powerpoint presentations have always been my forte. It’s that simple. I…