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NUS Nat-Con, what fresh hell is this?

The following statement has been provided in relation to an article which named Mr Zanolla. Last year I was elected as my university’s representative to the National Union of Students (NUS); lured in by the offer of a free trip to Melbourne and my genuine curiosity about exactly what it is the NUS (an organisation I’d…

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Puzzle Solutions Week Eleven

Cryptic: Quick:                                                               9 letter words polyandry 6 letter words lardon pardon parody 6 letter words that may be proper nouns: Arnold Landor Landry Poland…

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Draped in a union jack

Trigger warning: racist slurs and graphic accounts of racist violence. As the daughter of a daisy chain-wearing barefoot contessa who wed a recently migrated Indonesian man estranged from his family, I did not grow up in an ethnically-bound cultural group like my peers. The Greeks, the Masos, the Lebs, the Maoris and Samoans, the Asians.…