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The Births, Deaths and Marriages Child
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2016 in Births, Deaths and Marriages

Over the year, Honi Soit’s “Births, Deaths and Marriages” column became a place for campus hacks to exasperatedly flip to (or click to) for the latest gossip about USyd’s student politicians, management, revue societies and citrus trees. No story was too small, no tip off too obscure, for us to chase as we played Andrew…

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2016 in breaking news

Some of the biggest scoops of 2016, with a little behind-the-scenes into how it happened and the fallout (for better or worse).

Top L to R: Anna Boucher, Anna Clark, Richard Cook, Jamie Hall; Middle: Thalia Anthony; Bottom L to R: Chloe Burnett, Aysha Pollnitz, Roozi Araghi
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Roozi Araghi: an obituary from 2000 Honi

An obituary for Roozi Araghi, written by his fellow editors: Thalia Anthony, Richard Cooke, Anna Clark, Aysha Pollnitz, Anna Boucher, Jamie Hall, Dorothea Anthony, Chloe Burnett, and Aaron Timms