SRC 90th Anniversary
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Crane Collapses at UTS site

A crane has collapse at the UTS construction site, causing major damage and traffic delays. James O’Doherty reports. ; University of Sydney student Steph Swanson was there as the cage caught on fire. She told Honi Soit she saw flames and smoke bursting from the crane, before calling 000. ; At 10am, the arm of…

Biden: the boss. Photo: Getty
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The Second Showdown – Biden vs Ryan

  Biden is the definition of folksy, when the debate turned to Israel he said he’d known ‘Bebe’ personally for 29 years – Bebe being Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden has a winning smile and an ability to make you feel like he’s only talking to you. Whether it’s when he talks directly into…

Chavez Re-elected
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The revolution kicks on

The renewed reign of Chavez can bring good to Venezuala, if the leader is willing to compromise, writes Fabian Di Lizia Hugo Chavez has been re-elected comfortably in the Venezuelan Presidential election, returning 55 per cent of the vote to Henrique Capriles’ 44 per cent. International commentary suggested Chavez’s working-class and peasant bases would fragment…

Source: AAP
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Tobacco industry’s challenge deemed only hot air

  Nick Findlater reports on the recent High Court decision the Government applauded but detractors say means little Last Wednesday August 15, a majority of the High Court rejected a challenge to the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act. The challenge had been led by Japan Tobacco, with British American Tobacco and Philip Morris (among others) joining…

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Discrimination lawsuit failing to lift hopes for accessible transport

With RailCorp facing a civil lawsuit over inconsistent audible announcements on services, Virat Nehru reports on the wider problem Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes’ action against RailCorp went before the court on Monday, over the rail authority consistently failing to provide audible announcements on trains. When Honi Soit went to print, the outcome of the…