"Imagine no" - Horse_ebooks (10/5/13)
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NETIQUETTE: An unlikely sage

Humans search for meaning in all kinds of bizarre places. We might read too much into a small coincidence, take up prayer or meditation, or find the face of Jesus Christ in a piece of toast. But perhaps the most unlikely candidate to offer pearls of wisdom is the notorious Twitter spambot Horse_ebooks. Currently, the…

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FIRST PERSON: Rolling in the derby

Photo: Richard Rayment If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said that roller derby wasn’t my thing. It wasn’t the aggressive nature of the sport that turned me off, nor the high risk of injury. It’s just that I’m obviously not cool enough to be a sassy, confident ‘derby girl’. Derby…

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For future reference only

  You don’t know social justice until you’ve been on tumblr. Although Facebook has the odd viral post railing against racial injustice, and #destroythejoint was trending on Twitter for quite some time, the real, radical, crusading Social Justice Warriors reside in the depths of blogging site This is where I stumbled upon blogger forfuturereferenceonly.…