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Out and Proud

It has taken me quite a while to wrap my head around the phrase “out and proud”. I always used to think of being gay as something that was a natural part of you, so that being proud of it made just about as much sense to me as being proud of having blue eyes.…

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A gay Christian’s dilemma

I was on a hot date. A few nights ago, a charming gentleman invited me to dinner at one of Sydney’s finest restaurants. Not only was he a solid 10, he was intelligent, cultured and witty. Although that didn’t last long. Upon hearing that I was a Christian, his jaw dropped, and his fork crashed…

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The invention of sexuality

From the L to the B to the P to the A, I have spent many, many years of my adolescence and young adulthood swinging to-and-fro almost every single letter of the queer alphabet. “Lord, she is so beautiful. Yup, I’m definitely a lesbian. Oh, no. Ryan Gosling is someone that exists. Bisexual! But… I…

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Queering History: Happily ever after under cover

Stories about “female husbands”, “counterfeit bridegrooms”, and “cover marriages” began to emerge in Britain as early as 1680. Such unions involved people assigned female at birth (AFAB) living and dressing as men in order to marry women, sometimes for love and sometimes, allegedly, for money. Although “lesbian”, “transgender” and “transvestite” were not established identities in…

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Things Got Hot Before The Revolution

Speculation about a person’s sexuality does not sit well with me, but it is essentially what Queer History is all about. Before the Wom*n’s History movement was able to examine the experience and influence of women in History, it first had to uncover their existence. This is about the stage we are at with Queer…