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Top 5 Stupidest Cases of Homophobia in all of History

Much like war, famine and people who wear socks with sandals, homophobia is unfortunately something that still persists in modern society. Whether it be an offhanded comment about something being “gay”, a nonchalant question from a relative about whether you have a girlfriend, or David Beckham filing a restraining order just because I happen to enjoy…

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 07:  In this handout from RRP, Team Macarie, a artist's rendering released September 7, 2006  shows the Manhattan skyline as proposed after the construction of the future Freedom Tower and other buildings in lower Manhattan as seen from the Hudson river. World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein and architects Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Fuhimo Maki unveiled designs for three new skyscrapers on the site of the former World Trade Center that will replace the buildings destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. (Photo by RRP, Team Macarie via Getty Images)
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9 of the 11 Facts You Should Know About 9/11

The attacks on the towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City defined an epoch. 14 years on, the incident is still fresh in the minds of many and still influences social sensibilities, art and culture, and foreign policy. The Garter Press brings you 9 of the things you should know, and definitely not the the 2…

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African Americans Now Just Inventing Decoy Cultural Movements for White People to Appropriate

On Wednesday, the Chicago branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) announced a new program aimed at protecting the integrity and autonomy of black cultural movements. “White people have a demonstrable tendency toward appropriating our musical genres, art movements, and clothing styles. This is something that happens regardless of their…

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Beloved Baseballer Who Passes at 102

Who caught the public’s attention in the 1932 Baseball World Series, where he debuted with the Redsox at age 19, and deftly negotiated the whims of public favour thereafter. Who is the last surviving member of his generation of Redsox. His teammate and longterm friend What died in 2009 of heart disease. Who had his…

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Global Experts Condemn Rise of Volunterrorism

An international association of experts in terror and global fear and violence has come together  to co-sign a treaty that outlines the real threat posed by growing numbers of volunterrorists. The trend sees high school graduates, many affluent and privately educated, including tokenistic and inadequate periods of politically motivated violence in their leisure time abroad.…