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Calm down, climate change isn’t happening

Despite not having given any thought to the dangers of global warming since at least 2004, the public of the world was elated this week to hear the news that their combined apathy has resulted in a slight slowdown in the overall rise of global temperatures over the last ten years.

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Press release: save petitions

You may have heard that we are facing some difficult times. Despite numerous petitions, photo petitions, Facebook petitions, and memes for people to like and share, we have become increasingly irrelevant in Australian political discourse.

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UN: Australia doesn’t exist

Following the announcement by the Gillard Government that they have excised the mainland of Australia from the migration zone, the international community no longer recognises the existence of Australia.

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Top 5 problems caused by women

5) Fall of Troy That bitch Helen caused a war. Wars are bad. The war led to the fall of Troy. Oh, and a couple of Hollywood productions with some pretty bad acting. 4) All problems in Australia Julia Gillard. Need I say more? She’s bad. Tony Abbott told us from the start, but we…