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UN: Australia doesn’t exist

Following the announcement by the Gillard Government that they have excised the mainland of Australia from the migration zone, the international community no longer recognises the existence of Australia.

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Top 5 problems caused by women

5) Fall of Troy That bitch Helen caused a war. Wars are bad. The war led to the fall of Troy. Oh, and a couple of Hollywood productions with some pretty bad acting. 4) All problems in Australia Julia Gillard. Need I say more? She’s bad. Tony Abbott told us from the start, but we…

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THE SOIN: Gillard Cures Cancer in Spare Time, Approval Rating Plummets

Federal Labor reached a new low in the polls this week with the unmarried, female, atheist, red-haired immigrant Prime Minister’s approval rating dropping almost 10 percentage points after it was announced she had successfully developed a cure for cancer. Pundits have suggested this slump is most likely a result of the highly successful scare campaign…