SRC 90th Anniversary
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Soundtrack to: Awkward Sex

Dragon: “Are You Old Enough?” You don’t want your little tryst to land you in jail, or worse, to end up fucking someone your mum’s age. Meiko: “Leave the Lights On” The key to awkward sex is to be able to see everything. Their weird O face, your weird O face, the little bit of…

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Dear Diary: Batman

Mood: The Dark Knight is Rising. I took the night off fighting crime. Had the Lamborghini detailed. I made sure Alfred got us great seats for the midnight premiere. Anne Hathaway was my date. We had her catsuit for our own private afterparty (and you thought her arse was good onscreen). And for what? I…

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Top 5 kitchen utensils

Modern society may have brought us many useless things (Cheez Ballz, Being Lara Bingle, Rebecca Black), but the wacky and wondrous kitchen gadgets infiltrating our cooking adventures are not some of them. Here are some of the best!

Samir... keeping these mean pavements safe.
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Campus Security: Week 1

“I’ve already shaken things up a bit at the Security Office with my request for tear gas and tasers – let’s see you fuck with us now you ibises!”

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An Open Letter to Gina Rinehart

“You have lifted this nation to become the world’s foremost quarry, and now we hope you will make just one more sacrifice, by buying our humble newspaper and delivering us from the crippling impoverishment of SRC ownership.”

Illustrations by Bryant Apolonio
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Cartoon: Engineering Student

Ye shall know the Engineering Student by its beard. The beard’s colour, size, and texture is associated with sexual maturity, climate, and testosterone production; generally, the darker and fuller the beard, the healthier the Engineering Student. It makes the Engineer appear wiser and more fearsome, aiding it in confrontations with its primary foe: bar management.…

Illustration by Bryant Apolonio
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Cartoon: Law Student

The most distinctive aspect of the Law Student’s appearance is the Country Road tote bag that can commonly be found slung over its shoulder. Cutting this bag open will reveal a small tower of textbooks full of nonsense words like “mens rea”, “pari delicto”, and “defamation”. In fact, it was only when Country Road expanded…