News Limited CEO, Kim Williams
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News Limited CEO: you are all “copyright kleptomaniacs”

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you’re a criminal. At the risk of generalising, we are a generation of benign thieves. We steal as if there was nothing illegal about it. Hidden behind a desk and a monitor, otherwise law abiding Australians knowingly steal when it comes to streaming our favourite TV…

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Horni Soit

I’ were early on a Mondy morn when wee Bonnie McGregor me’ Fritz Herzenschlampe in the olde library of Sydney University. She’d ’ad an ’ankering for’im since arriving Doon Under from olde Sco’land some time ago. His wee moustache tickled ’er fancy, and also her cheek when he kissed’er good day. Now they were “practising…