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Soundtrack to: Your first driving test

Clueless – The Teen Idols Hey, you just passed a multiple choice test and this is crazy, but here’s a motor vehicle with the potential to kill everything in and around it. So, drive it maybe? Once you’ve reconciled the logistical insanity of the situation with your noble, automobile-related experiences in Grand Theft Auto IV,…

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Horni Soit: Week 7

It was three days since last Sunday and four days until the next. Paul was impatiently fiddling with a sausage. Most foul-minded students, including the author of Horni Soit, would immediately think of something crude and unsavoury when they read that phrase, but Paul wouldn’t. He was holier than thou, actually. He was a member…

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Challenge Accepted: Naked On Stage

It’s a man’s world. But it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl. Right? Nudity on stage, particularly the Seymour stages that play host to the University of Sydney revues, is definitely a man’s world. A whole lotta cock, not a lotta clunge. I’m here to change that. Challenge accepted. I joined the…

News Limited CEO, Kim Williams
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News Limited CEO: you are all “copyright kleptomaniacs”

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you’re a criminal. At the risk of generalising, we are a generation of benign thieves. We steal as if there was nothing illegal about it. Hidden behind a desk and a monitor, otherwise law abiding Australians knowingly steal when it comes to streaming our favourite TV…