SRC 90th Anniversary
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Horni Soit

I’ were early on a Mondy morn when wee Bonnie McGregor me’ Fritz Herzenschlampe in the olde library of Sydney University. She’d ’ad an ’ankering for’im since arriving Doon Under from olde Sco’land some time ago. His wee moustache tickled ’er fancy, and also her cheek when he kissed’er good day. Now they were “practising…

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Top 5 classic cheap student meals

5. Pasta   A much-loved classic, large-scale pasta cooking should by no means be limited to Norton Street abodes. Large amounts of spaghetti or fettuccine can be prepared with any sauce you desire, with remaining leftovers making for quick meals. (Really, though – pasta tastes just as good, if not better, when re-heated). The recently…

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Chinese innovation should be welcomed with open arms

The world’s biggest maker of telecommunications equipment is now a privately-owned Chinese company, Huawei (pronounced hwah-way), which reportedly surpassed the earnings of Ericsson and Cisco in the first half of 2012. The innovation and tenacity of China’s first global tech giant has seen it become a market leader over the past decade and bring a communications revolution to Africa. However, over the past year Western countries such as Australia and the US have called into question the company’s true motives, citing security concerns.