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Zelda, New Zealand and outer space

In my darkest of moments, when I can smell the impending doom of climate change, outer space is there as a saving grace. But space should not be the final reserve of the human race, but an extension of our inquisitiveness. There is no bliss in being forced to go somewhere, as asylum seekers can attest to.

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Chinese whispers: the Dalai Lama and Sydney University

“Education Matters” was the proposed name of a speech to be given by the Dalai Lama on the importance of learning to Sydney University students on campus this June. The irony is that in light of recent events, critics are now saying the University administration is more interested in business matters than education matters. A…

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Out of focus

ADHD was once thought to only afflict children, but the illness is increasingly being diagnosed in adults. Caitlin Still explores the issue.