SRC 90th Anniversary
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The British are coming

The Guardian has been one of the few newspapers to make a successful transition from daily paper to online news source. Madeleine King asks whether the British giant will help or harm the frail Australian media scene.

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A lecture on lectures

Early in our interview, Professor Stilwell muses, “Good teachers can determine the trajectories of [our] lives.” Stacks of manila folders occupy his impressive wooden desk. These pillars stand as monuments to a lifetime of research. It’s a weighty – if not ironic – statement, given the growing malaise towards traditional educational models. Universities have long…

NTEU strike
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Walking off the job…

It has been almost a decade since members of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) last went on strike at Sydney University. In 2009, the NTEU threatened to strike on two occasions, only to cancel strike action at the eleventh hour when the University’s administration agreed to back down on proposed changes to pay and…

Julie Hare
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The year that was…

They say hindsight is 20/20. Honi asked a number of Australia’s news makers for their take on the events of the past twelve months.

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God vs. Gays

The likes of Jim Wallace do not speak for the queer religious community, writes Curtis Dickson, while a silent revolution has begun to purge homophobia from the Middle East, writes Fahad Ali.

Mr Popularity: 63 per cent of Australians want Malcolm Turnbull to lead the Liberal Party again. But could he? Source: Fairfax Media
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Divided They Fall

Australian politics is broken, but will true progressives heed the call and form a new party? Something’s gotta give, writes Felix Donovan.

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The end of fiat currency, or just another nerd fad, ask Rafi Alam and Mason McCann.

Source: Gabriel Weinberg
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Polar peril

They’re the terrifying hybrid of polar and grizzly bears, ‘Grolar’ bears are growing in number, and they’re on the move. William Haines finds out what happens when the animal kingdom adapts to global warming.