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The honour society

Over a million dollars in annual turnover, six full-time staff, and hundreds of thousands of members – but few students have ever heard of it. Tom Joyner investigates the inscrutable Golden Key.

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All work, no pay

With the announcement of the federal government’s PaTH internship program for young job seekers, Catherine Bouris looks at how university students are already forced to work for free in order to get ahead, if they can afford it. Art by Matthew Fisher.

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(Sex,) drugs and stupol

When Michael Sun and Siobhan Ryan entered student politics, they were met with nostalgic tales of the “party days”, raucous parties from a generation of the broad left merely a couple of elections older than themselves. They spoke to those who lived them. Illustrations by Ann Ding.

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The Parent Trap

The University of Sydney is an accredited breastfeeding friendly workplace, with detailed guidelines and support services but only for staff, writes Amelia Birnie.