Students Representative Council, University of Sydney - Tax Help Volunteers Needed
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Letters: Week Twelve

  Correction Last week, we wrote that the USU had passed on “the personal details of members to the USUAF”. We have been informed that this is not true, rather, the USUAF sent the USU the email, which was then distributed on their behalf through the member mail. Honi Soit sincerely apologises for the mistake.…

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Letters to the Editors – Week 11

In defence of SULS Dear Honi, I write in response to last week’s article on SULS’ tax debt to clarify SULS’ position on some of the issues raised. SULS receives annual sponsorship from corporate law firms as its main source of income. We receive around $160 000 each year, rather than the $350 000 claimed…

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Letters to the Editors – Week 10

What is the USU? The situation surrounding Tom Raue poses an interesting question for [USU] Board Directors: who do you represent? Funnily enough, the answer is not students, but the Union itself. Union Board Directors, upon being elected face a dual mandate; they have to represent the students who elected them, whilst concurrently running the…

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Letters – Week 1, Semester 2

Message of solidarity against USYD admin from Honduras   Tegucigalpa, Honduras 11 July 2013   To the university authorities of University of Sydney, Australia. In the honour of solidarity between the peoples of the world, from Honduras, we learnt of the abuses by police against university students and workers and other people who fight for…