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A queer mistake

Dear Honi, Commendations to Adam Disney for his article last week that suggested readers never believe anything written on page 22 of Honi, though we’re not sure the author of last week’s Queer Officers’ Report would necessarily agree. Best, Honi Soit Comedy Writers’ Group Eds: It was one of our edits that directed readers to…

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Dear Honi, I would like to congratulate you on the hilarious and insightful comedy lift out in your first edition of the year. Mon Droit was without doubt a tour de force in satirical genius. I was, I admit, initially confused when I came across a mildly damp bundle of them during O-Week. A new Liberal newspaper…

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Turnitin time

Dear Honi, Academic dishonesty, as the SRC’s Education Department reminds us each and every year, covers a multitude of sins, including fabricating data, misrepresenting results, “recycling” past assessments, and simply copying someone else’s work without giving them the credit. Ironically, nobody seems to have told the SRC Education Officers, Eleanor Morley and Ridah Hassan. Of…

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Victim blaming?

Dear Honi Editors, I am writing to you because during O-week I saw that there were flyers going around advertising Wom*n’s Self Defense classes and on the flyer it says provided by the University of Sydney Union. As I can only assume that this is an event being run by a club/society, I do not…

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Friends in high places

Dear Honi Soit, Thank you for your mail to Julia Gillard. We wish you all the best with Honi Soit, however Ms Gillard is not scheduling media interviews – even with worthy student publications – for the foreseeable future. So please accept her thanks and apologies. With good wishes, Bruce Wolpe Office of Hon. Julia…

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If you say so, Marcobello

Dear Honi Soit, Originally I had composed about four pages to send to you this evening. Though after reality slapped my prose up something fierce, I learned that certain occasions ask for nothing less than to keep it simple, but not stupid. It doesn’t take genius to realise the age old notion of majority rule,…

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The price of freedom

Dear Honi, Honi‘s recently article about The Pirate Bay has prompted me to wonder; is freedom paradoxical? People should have the freedom to write, think and do whatever they please, right? Our ability to subject ideas to ruthless debate is what makes our society so much better than hellish dystopias like Panem, Oceania and North Korea. But think…

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USU leaves Muggles short-changed

Hi Honi, I’m writing to express my disappointment at the Quidditch Society’s $5000 grant. Not at the grant itself; I’m sure Quidditch is a worthwhile exercise for those individuals, in the same way debating or SUDS is for other students.  I wish them all the best at the Quidditch World Cup and hope they raise the rest…