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The Fourth Estate

It’s unsurprising that, among the ranks of USyd’s many student journalists, the modern media is an enduring source of fascination and intrigue. In today’s reading list, we bring you a series of articles that look at the best (and worst) of contemporary media and its practitioners. The Peril of the Pen Over the last few…

Artwork by Emily Johnson.
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“The Gap”: Indigenous issues in 2014

The University of Sydney is just a few minutes’ walk away from Redfern Park, where Prime Minister Paul Keating once stood and declared shame on behalf of his country for the crimes committed against Indigenous Australians throughout history.  When Keating stood in in that park and claimed responsibility for these atrocities- admitting, at long last,…

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Pride Week

As we come to the end of Pride Week, we have pulled together a list of some of Honi Soit’s best LGBTIQ-themed pieces. Nancy on my mind  “Back in the mid 2000s, I would scour the queer Internet, perusing lists of lesbian novels and wanting to read them all, but knowing I would never find…

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Dealing with the black dog

Every year, around one in five Australians suffer from mental illness. Only a third of those sufferers are likely to seek professional support or help. They are often abandoned by institutions of power, from the Australian government to University administration, and face ignorant and problematic attitudes from friends and family. The following seven articles from…

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Beyond the binary

Most people are profoundly ignorant about what it means to be non-binary. People who don’t conform to our society’s rigid and exclusive male-female dichotomy face various forms of discrimination and brutality. Having one’s gender identity respected should not be such an uphill battle. Fight ignorance and educate yourself. Here are five articles to get you…

Illustration by Monica Renn.
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Behind the sandstone

The University of Sydney is a Group of Eight institution, an elite academy for the brightest minds of a generation. Within Australia, it dominates leagues tables. Its graduates have held the top jobs in Federal Parliament, the High Court and innumerable Not-For-Profit and corporate boardrooms. However, current students know all too well the foibles and fuck…