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Ten Days

It’s January and I have ten days in between houses. I stay at my mum’s place, which is not the house I grew up in, but a different one. I try to organise my things and decide which to give to charity and which to sell and which to throw away. I drive to Big…

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The secrets we keep

In collaboration with the New York Times. In ten years time, there will be no passwords. Recently described by their inventor, Ferdando Corbato, as a ‘bit of a nightmare’, they will soon be replaced by more complex systems much like everything else in our lives. For some people that will mean little. They will quickly…

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Welcome to the inaugural Honi Soit Choose Your Own Fucking Adventure game. Set in a 2014 University of Sydney, forge your path as a first year student just trying to find their shitty place on campus. There’s audio so make sure your volume is at an appropriate level. Switch to landscape mode if you’re on a…