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Roozi Araghi: an obituary from 2000 Honi

An obituary for Roozi Araghi, written by his fellow editors: Thalia Anthony, Richard Cooke, Anna Clark, Aysha Pollnitz, Anna Boucher, Jamie Hall, Dorothea Anthony, Chloe Burnett, and Aaron Timms

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The content mines

Sam Langford reaches a new low trying to figure out why all the Uni’s creative spaces are underground. Art by Ann Ding.

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Have We Transcended Childbirth?

Let’s face it. The miracle of life is no miracle. Between the panting, moaning and unintentional defecating on newborns, many onlookers ask: “Why? What is this?” And it’s true. Nobody wants to see spurts of blood and amniotic fluid gush out of gaping holes while suffering medical staff rush to clean the mucinous and swollen…