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Legal Eagle

Nicholas Cowdery is a distinguished legal mind. The Director of Public Prosecutions in New South Wales for a record sixteen-and-a-half years, Cowdery was considered a public crusader by some, public nuisance to others. In person, he is genuine, funny and passionate about the law, writes Kira Spucys-Tahar

Tom Switzer, editor of the Spectator Australia.
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Profile: Tom Switzer

How does a staunch conservative marry his twin lives as an irreverent journalist and dispassionate academic? Michael Koziol talks to Tom Switzer, research associate at the United States Studies Centre and editor of the Spectator Australia.

Australian Ballet's 'Coppelia' 1st Cast ©Branco Gaica
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The Butterfly Effect

In between rehearsals for the Australian Ballet Company’s upcoming production, Onegin, senior artist Reiko Hombo spoke with Kira Spucys-Tahar.

Christine Assange, Julian Assange
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Profile: Christine Assange

While the Wikileaks founder fights a Swedish extradition order in the UK, in Sydney, James O’Doherty speaks to the woman whose son changed the world.