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Charlie Falkner
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A Show You’ve Probably Seen Before: SUDS’ Between Two Waves

A white male of above average intelligence attempts to impose important truths on the world through convoluted conversations with his straight-laced alternative girlfriend and his well-adjusted but perhaps emotionally stunted best friend, all the while battling mental deterioration. Add the heavy-handed metaphor of a climatologist with anxiety disorder and you’ve got a show you’ve probably…

Photo Between Two Waves
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Ringing the Alarm Bells: SUDS’ Between Two Waves

Writer Ian Meadows wants us to know we’re all going to die. Between Two Waves, directed by Jack Ballhausen for SUDS, rings all the alarm bells, and in all the right ways. In this production, climate change and personal drama collide in a flurry of frustration and tension. Angela Colins and Kurt Dilweg A: Charlie Falkner…

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Pretending Not to Hear Me: Belvoir’s Kill the Messenger

  Nakkiah Lui’s Kill the Messenger has been billed as a “game changer” for black theatre. The show centres around three stories which constitute a direct attack on institutional racism and its agents – including the Belvoir audience. Paul hangs himself to escape cancer, after being profiled and turned away from hospital on suspicion of…

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Man of La Mancha

I must open with a confession: The Man of La Mancha is my favourite musical, but until now that has been a difficult thing to admit. The problem was that I had only seen the 1972 film version starring Peter O’Toole and Sophia Loren. It’s well-written and well-acted, but the songs feel largely flat and…